It's always nice to know what weather you can expect today. But wouldn't it be great to know if you'll need to take your umbrella to pick up the kids from school in 10 minutes? Can you make it to the neighbourhood bakery and back without getting soaked?

With Drash on your smartphone (iOS, WP7 and Android) you can see the chances of rainfall on your current location during the next 30 minutes.

Drash uses your current location to calculate how likely it is you'll get wet within the next half hour. The higher the percentage, the higher the chance of rain at your position. The cloud icon represents the intensity, tap on it to see the expected amount in mm.

The rain bar at the bottom indicates the expected rainfall progress for the next half hour. It reveals when the weather will turn, for better or worse.

To refresh the forecast just tap and hold anywhere on the screen for a few seconds. Drash autorefreshes after 5 minutes, or when you move away from your previous location.

The calculations are made on data provided by buienradar.nl, the best forecast website for Belgium and the Netherlands. If you use Drash in any other country it will always show you a 0% chance of rain.

Available in the iPhone App Store Download for Windows Phone

Available soon for Windows 8 and Android